CrestoGuard™ 104

CrestoGuard™ 104 is a ready-to-use sodium bromide solution that when mixed in water and activated by a chlorine source (gaseous chlorine or sodium hypochlorite), acts as an oxidizing biocide for targeted use in microbiological control in industrial process waters.

Provides our users with the following features and benefits:

  1. A cost-effective way of treating industrial cooling waters for microbiological control using bromine chemistry.
  2. Broad-spectrum pH activity for the elimination of bacteria, algae, and fungi.
  3. Improved efficacy in alkaline water; a higher percentage of active biocide at higher pH in comparison with chlorine-based oxidizing biocides.
  4. Improved user safety and ease of use.
  5. More effective alternative to chlorine-based oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides.