Soil Conditioning


Soil Compaction is typically known to be the physical consolidation of the soil by an applied force that destroys structure, reduces porosity, restricting water and air infiltration and increases resistance to root penetration leading to poor crop growth. However, it is also important to understand the lesser known factors; soil salinity, alkalinity and over fertilization and how they can lead to soil compaction. 

CrestHarvest™ series achieves its mode of action (MoA) by sustaining free calcium while simultaneously releasing more locked calcium from its inertia form. This also causes the release of locked phosphate into its free form into the soil solution. 

With the increase in the available calcium and phosphate, the former aids in the reduction of salinity while the presence of both free ions direct help in the ease of soil compaction and the increase in porosity. Improvement in porosity translates to reduction in nitrogen loss, increase in water infiltration and reduction in water loss.