Reverse Osmosis (RO) Antiscalant: CrestoPro™ R494

CrestoPro™ R494 Product Performance Study

In the troubleshooting of reduced production rates and increased cleaning frequencies belonging to a RO plant drawing well water*, our team at CREST Water were able to offer CrestoPro™ R494 as a solution to solve the severe scaling issue faced in the systems. 

Upon examining the cartridge filters (Fig 1.0) and pipes (Fig 2.0) provided by the plant operator, severe calcium carbonate and silica scale were observed. This led to frequent replacement of the cartridge filters and also affected the recovery rate of the RO system. The plant could not achieve its targeted production volume and had trouble supplying quality clean water to their consumers. After switching to CrestoPro™ R494, along with a series of equipment replacement and cleaning, optimal production rates were reached. Unplanned cleanings were also no longer required.

*Silica = 100 ppm, Total hardness = 105 ppm, M-alkalinity = 200 ppm, pH = 7.5