Industrial Water Treatment (IWT): CrestoGuard™ 168

CrestoGuard™ 168 Product Performance Study

In solving an operational issue faced by some customers, our team at CREST Water were able to conclude the efficiency of CrestoGuard™ 168 in the inhibition of biofouling and its efficacy in corrosion control and protection.

Before CrestoGuard™ 168 treatment, there were high corrosion rates* and the occurrence of biofouling leading to heavy foaming in the tower basin. Heavy slime found attached to the metal coupon also concluded the lack of effectiveness  in using bleach and CMIT/MIT in the control of these aforementioned problems. Usage of CrestoGuard™ 168 resulted in the removal of biofilm and algal growth, allowing us to ascertain the success of CrestoGuard™ 168 in both biofouling inhibition and also corrosion control and protection.

*reaching up to 15.7 mpy