Industrial Water Treatment

Reduce downtime and unnecessary costs

In various industries, the availability of fresh water for use could be limited. Companies would choose to either recycle their water or use groundwater for their operations. This mineral-laden water is the cause of scaling & mineral buildup in pipes, fittings, and machinery, where the water flows through and around.

Scaling can cause equipment damage and piping failure, incurring significant costs to the business. Furthermore, frequent replacement of piping and machinery can be a hazard to workers and cause operational downtime and increase maintenance costs.

Overall business productivity is directly tied to your water quality as well as the ability to treat the water at a very reasonable cost. This is where our team at CREST Water comes in to help your business in this very aspect.

Our treatment solutions

Our customized treatment solutions aim to help you resolve these commonly encountered problems: scaling on pipes, valves, and fittings, mineral buildup in machinery, and high maintenance costs caused by downtime of operational plants.  

Our Expertise

Our solutions are not only scientifically backed by rigorous research and development, we pride ourselves on delivering quality customer and technical support that surpasses those given by other suppliers.

Discovering our full range of additives

Whether you are an OEM company that builds RO systems or a formulator looking for that right additive for blending into your finished product, or a direct end-user of water treatment solutions at your facility, we can help with your selection.