Industrial Water Treatment (IWT) Antiscalant: CrestoGuard™ 551

CrestoGuard™ 551 Performance Test Study

Using Electron Micrographs, our team at CREST Water were able to evaluate the efficiency of CrestoGuard™ 551 against competitive solvent PMA in the inhibition of calcium carbonate scales formed under harsh water conditions*.

Upon examining the crystals at the end of the inhibition test, we observe a large number of hard, regular and agglomerated calcium carbonate crystals that strongly adhere to surfaces after the application of the competitive solvent PMA. Using CrestoGuard™ 551 resulted in small number of soft distorted crystals which weakly adhere to surfaces. This degree of change observed under microscope allowed us to ascertain the success of CrestoGuard™ 551 in the inhibition of calcium carbonate scales. 

*Ca2+= 150 ppm, Mg2+= 45 ppm, CO32-= 50 ppm, HCO3- = 270 ppm, T= 70°C, Air bubbling duration = 30 minutes