CrestoGuard™ 168

CrestoGuard™ 168 is a highly effective synergistic broad spectrum microbiocide and bio-dispersant that is targeted for use in majority of industrial process waters.

Provides our users with the following benefits:

  1. Eliminates bacteria, algae, and fungus (including Legionelle pneumophila).
  2. Excellent biofouling control.
  3. Eliminates biofilm much more effectively than conventional non-oxidizing biocides like isothiazolone.
  4. Improved cost effectiveness when used synergistically with any of the oxidizing biocides.
  5. Enhances the efficiency of other corrosion inhibitors (e.g. Zinc salt or sulfonate compounds and even azoles) for improved yellow metal corrosion inhibition.
  6. Suitable for geothermal cooling tower applications.
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