CrestoGuard™ 464 | Single Drum Approach

CrestoGuard™ 464 is an advanced polymeric scale inhibitor designed as a single drum approach in water treatment programs. It possesses superior inhibitory and dispersing properties combined in a single product and is suited for use in moderate to severe hardness waters.

Our chemistry provides users with the following:

  1. Superior calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate scale inhibition.
  2. Superior silt dispersion.
  3. Excellent calcium phosphate inhibition (in moderate water conditions).
  4. Excellent zinc stabilizer.
  5. Excellent formulation efficiency from the removal of additional polymers.
  6. Excellent formulation stability even in the presence of halogens.
  7. Ease of transportation due to non-dangerous goods classification.
  8. Low phosphorus content to align with stringent discharge limits.
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