CrestoPro™ R594

CrestoPro™ R594 is a specialized polycarboxylic acid composite solid multi-purpose scale inhibitor that efficiently controls inorganic scale deposits and sludge deposits on the membrane surface. 

Provides our users with the following benefits:

  1. Excellent silica scale inhibition in concentrate and effective control of both soluble and insoluble iron. 
  2. Excellent control of carbonate, sulfate and fluoride scales for cost effective operations.
  3. Good dispersant properties.
  4. Good compatibility with all major membranes.
  5. Reduced labour intensity of the manual dosing process assigned to the ease of handling solid product.
  6. Reduced operational hazards; avoid splash caused by liquid dosing
  7. Reduced operational cost and intensity of the dosing equipment.
  8. Increased accuracy in dosing due to the ability of dose tracking by the usage of a tracer.
  9. Safer and tidier working environment due to the absence of empty barrels derived from using the liquid product.  

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