CrestoPro™ T635

CrestoPro™ T635 is a high performing defoamer formulated to prevent carry-over in all types of seawater thermal distillation units. It is also concertedly designed as a wetting agent to help prevent hot spots on the exchanger tubes in the multi-effect distillation unit. 

Provides our users with the following benefits:

  1. Negligible carry-over into the distillate, maintaining the quality of product water.
  2. Reduced probability of deposit formation when diluted to 5% w/w solution in the day dosing tank.
  3. Good compatibility with majority of the antiscalants used in the industry.
  4. Low dosage levels required; between 0.025-0.1 ppm for optimum effectiveness. 
  5. Efficacy of the antifoaming property is independent on temperature.
  6. Does not contain any mineral oil, wax, or silicone. 


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