Team of Experts

We have our teams located in Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, China, Spain, UK and USA. Our CREST Representatives and distributors across the globe look forward to providing you with customized solutions for your water treatment applicatons.

JC Shia is a chemical engineer by training. He started his water career since 1984 when he joined Ciba Geigy and went through different leadership roles in Asia. He has broad knowledge of Asia Pacific water treatment market and became co-founder of BWA Water Additives in 2006. He was retired before setting up CREST Water Pte Ltd.

Leon Lee is a Chemist by training and has more than 27 years of management experience in the water industry. He started off in R&D, specializing in biocides, eventually worked his way into field technical support before taking on sales and managerial role in water treatment companies like ECC Calgon and GE Water & Process Technology. In GE Water, he was also a certified trainer in Waste Water treatment. Prior to setting up CREST Water Pte Ltd and taking on the challenging role of Chief Operating Officer, he has spent more than 10 years at BWA Water Additives promoting water treatment additives in Asia region.

Dr Suresh Patel is a Surface and Physical Chemist by training and has more than 30 years of management  experience in the water industry. Notably, he has also worked in Desalination and Cooling Water for more than 25 years in positions in R&D and is responsible for new chemistries for scale, corrosion and microbiological control agents.

Anders Ooi is a chemical engineer by training and has more than 19 years of management, technical and sales experience in the water treatment industry. He was responsible for the implementation, evaluation and recommendation of treatment programs to some of the largest thermal desalination units in Asia, delivering value to our customers. He strongly believes that CREST Water will continue to provide intelligent solutions in today’s challenging business environment by continuously listening to our customers’ requirements and innovating to develop customized solutions even in certain niche applications.

Take Ishizuka is a Chemist and has more than 34 years of management and sales experience in the water treatment industry. He worked for a trading company for 15 years and BWA Water Additives for 18 years promoting water treatment additives especially antiscalants in North Asia region.

Hubert Huang has over 25 years of working experience in the water treatment industry, specializing in Industrial water, desalination and paper & pulp markets. During his time with other global water treatment companies like GE Water, Nalco, BWA Water Additives, and Lonza, he was responsible for the sales and technical support of industrial water and desalination while supporting distributors in China. Even though his main focus has always been in China, he has also provided extended technical support for teams within South East Asia as well.

Marta Farriols is a chemical engineer and has more than 20 years experience in water treatment; industrial water, desalination and Oil and Gas. She has been working in different roles leading positions in Europe and Africa. She has hold positions in the board of directors of the European Desalination Society (EDS).

Todd Horman is a chemist by degree and has more than 20 years of management, technical and sales experience in the water treatment industry. He has been instrumental in the launch of new biocidal and scale inhibitor chemistries to the industrial water, oil & gas and desalination markets. He is passionate about supporting customers from conceptual design, return on investment reviews, application testing, implementation and supporting return on investment evaluations. He believes that through dedicated team work and innovation that the CREST Water team can make a difference in the water treatment market space and to provide a sustainability lens to our esteemed customers.